Who is Joella?

Back in the late 70’s the parents of Tony Palombino, Joella’s Founder, owned a restaurant that specialized in southern fried chicken. The chicken was made daily by two long time employees, Joe and Ms. Ella, and watching how hard they worked every day made a huge impression on him as a young boy and so he has brought them back to life, in spirit, to honor them.

What is Hot Chicken?

A Nashville iconic food: it’s a sweet-mean flavor that you won’t forget. Hot chicken takes your traditional Southern fried chicken and gives it “spirit” by adding different levels of spice blends that creates a flavor explosion that will keep you coming back for more.

Southern Charm

At Joella’s we live and breathe southern spirit. It’s about tradition, hard work and a deep bond of family. It’s about calling your momma on a whim, the beauty of sweet tea and where fried chicken is the best chicken. We honor these traditions by staying true to our roots with an obsession and creative flair of scratch cooking that brings out the original flavors of time-honored recipes.