Dippin' Sauces

Included when ordering jumbo tenders or big wings, additional for other meals

Joella's JoJo sauce

JoJo Sauce

Our homemade Cheerwine BBQ sauce mixed with our Honey Mustard for a sweet bold flavor.

Joella's Cheerwine BBQ sauce

Cheerwine BBQ

A unique southern blend of real Cheerwine soda and a sweet BBQ sauce.

Joella's Bama White BBQ sauce

Bama White BBQ

A true southern sauce with hints of horseradish and lemon.

Joella's Spiked Honey sauce

Spiked Honey

It’s sweet with some heat! Our buffalo sauce blended with the perfect balance of honey.

Joella's Pimento Ranchero sauce

Pimento Ranchero

Our homemade Ranch dressing pureed with our homemade Pimento cheese for a slight hint of heat.

Joella's Ranch sauce


Homemade buttermilk Ranch dressing made with select spices.

Joella's Blue Cheese sauce

Blue Cheese

A tangy but refreshingly cool blue cheese sauce.

Joella's Honey Mustard sauce

Honey Mustard

A creamy, sweet, tangy sauce with a hint of honey.