Heat Level - Joella's Hot Chicken

Heat Level


Chicken at Joella's comes made to order, including your preferred spice level. Choose from Southern, Spiked Honey, Ella's Fave, Tweener, Hot, or the infamous Fire In Da Hole, made with the Carolina Reaper, one of the hottest peppers in the world (sorry Ghost Peppers, you're just too boring.)

Whether you have a gentler palate, or are up for a fiery challenge, all our special blends are full of flavor and spirit.


Fire-in da-hole

Inferno it's waiver-worthy


Fiery Heat hot but not scary


Medium Heat in between hot and mild

Ella's Fav

Flavor & Lil' Heat taste buds love it

Spiked Honey

Sweet Mild with a twang


No Heat like Momma used to make